Clear labels are one of the most popular choice in labelling many kinds of the products since these are resistant to the water as well as the oils this means that you can use these on the beauty care products such as the lotions, oils and other such kinds. Apart from this, these are very much elegant in design and could add a different touch to the product. Although everything has its pros and cons and where is suitable for one condition may not be for other.


Best for minimal design:

If you go to the market, you will see number of the products with the clear stickers. These are best in the case when the minimal design look is required. The minimal design look has been in fashion for quite some years now and these are combined with the inside of the product material to give great effects and this effect is usually also known as the no label effect.

Could be used with number of products:

As mentioned before, the material of the clear stickers makes them best for number of products either these are beauty products, bath products or even the liquid beverages.


Keep in mind the colour of the product:

One mistake that is most common with these kind of the stickers is that these will be transparent and therefore, the colour of the product will be the background colour of the sticker. This means that if you use black writings or designs on the clear labels on a transparent or light coloured bottle and if the liquid that you put in the bottle is black as well then the design will be concealed in it. Therefore, be careful about the contents of the products and carefully plan the product labelling colour accordingly.

Bubbling effect could decrease the readability:

Air could be trapped in number of products bottles causing them to bubble and therefore use the colour combinations in which the bubbles do not decrease the readability. Since having the clear label on the product does not mean that it will go exactly as you have visualized it but you have to carefully plan many aspects of it in order for this to look presentable and elegant. Always have the test products before you could place a large order.

This shows that the clear stickers are a popular choice for many products and are good way to provide the minimal design but you need to take care of certain design aspects in order to achieve your perfect desire look of the product.

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