The only thing that lets you speak your emotions and mind out without actually having to put it in words is through the use of art. Each and every form of art has certain story to tell or some emotions to depict. If a person is feeling heavy at heart and is unable to share his feelings with any individual then he should try to put it in the form of an art. Every country has certain art form which tells a story about that country’s history, its customs and traditions. Minute symbolic details are drawn which tells a story about that country. Art can be drawn on stones, on wood, on canvases or any other such thing. Australia is place which is famous for its contemporary art form that is made by the natives of Australia. It is considered highly disrespectful towards the art form if a non-native person makes a indigenous Australian art form. One such kind of an art form which is extremely popular throughout the world is utopian art. In this article, we will be discussing about the important points to understand about utopian art.


We all are well aware with the concept of art which can be defined as the depictions of human emotions, his creativity and his skills in different ways. These ways (art forms) can either be through painting, sculpting, music, dance, etc. There are about more than one hundred and ninety five countries; each of which has specific art form that is popular across the world. One such art form is the contemporary indigenous art form that is especially made by the Australian natives and is great in demand all over the world. One such art form is the utopian art of Mbantua Aboriginal Art Gallery.

Utopian art form:

The word Utopian art form has been derived from the concept of utopia. Utopia is the imaginary world which has been created by the people to have the depiction of a perfect world. This is the world which has the hundred percent peace rates. It has highly desirable qualities in which there are no worries or crime rate. Utopian art is the art form which depicts the comparison between the contemporary art and the art form which was there in the ancient ages (imaginary art form). This kind of art compares art forms of two different time periods. It beautifully depicts the changes that have taken place over the years.


Utopian art is the kind of art form that beautifully compares the two different times periods of this world. One time period is the present time period and other is the ancient time period (about four to five hundred years before). Obviously; nobody knows what the world looked like at that time so they imagined that world and compared it with the present times.  Utopian art is the extraordinary amalgamation of two worlds belonging to different time periods.  “MBANTUA” offers the amazing variety of utopian art forms.