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Why You Want A Lot Of Land…

What are some of the advantages houses with large gardens have? Read on below!

  • Nature – to begin with, you know that any nature lover on the hunt for houses for sale is keen to look for small houses with large plots of land. The reason is simple: the house may be small, but what you call your home also includes the large amount of land which comes with flora and sometimes, even fauna. The natural scenery is something not to be underestimated, because nowadays, the norm is for large homes to be built on small plots of land, which means that most homeowners cannot experience the beauty of Mother Nature whilst in their own home (they have to get to the nearest nature reserve for this). If you are one to prefer taking a walk amongst birds and trees early in the morning, then lots of land is the answer for you.
  • Expansion Opportunities – this one advantage is a no-brainer, but a large expanse of land means that you will have more than a few opportunities to expand your home. Normal homes are often limited in the ways they may be expanded (often, this is only through the addition of extra storeys). However, when it comes to small residences with large gardens, you can safely expand your home both vertically and horizontally. And if you tend to work from home, or tend to need a place to focus, you can always build an outhouse on your own property for when you want to work!
  • Privacy – another major reason why large properties for sale are very popular – especially amongst more popular and famous individuals – is the privacy advantage they have. Introverts and even extroverts can prefer the advantage these properties have over the traditional residences which are located right next to each other. Not only can you easily immerse yourself in any loud activity without bothering your neighbours, but the reverse also applies.
  • Potential Income – and of course, a large garden is basically an income opportunity. This can be in so many different ways, but the often quoted example is through agricultural methods. This may be from growing vegetables or fruits in small plots, or it may be through the cultivation of fungi too! There are many ways through which you can earn a substantial income from your garden, and the larger this latter is, the greater your income will be!
  • Tax Advantages – and finally, there may be tax benefits as well. This is because the amount of tax depends on the value of the property: a house is naturally worth more than undeveloped land. Accordingly, if your house is small, and the rest of your property for sale in port douglas includes only land, this means that the amount of tax is significantly lower than what another homeowner would pay for the opposite. For more information, please click